Upcoming events

    • 30 Jul 2022
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Online via Zoom

    May Community Meeting

     Relentless Empathy

    Saturday, July 30, 10 am - 12 pm

    with Anabelle Bugatti

    Join us at our online community meeting  to learn more about how to build strong therapeutic alliances with even the most difficult clients. We will discuss how to maintain and hone Relentless Empathy as a therapeutic skill for building safe and good therapeutic alliances for challenging and difficult clients using Emotionally Focused Therapy.

    The meeting will start promptly at 10 am with the presentation by Dr. Bugatti with discussion and networking following.

    Anabelle Bugatti, PhD, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a private practice in Las Vegas, NV. She is a certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor, the co-founder and president of the Southern Nevada Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy and the host of the videocast and podcast, We Heart Therapy. She is an author as well as a public speaker.

    Dr. Bugatti, Expert Theapist Anabelle Bugatti

    • 4 Nov 2022
    • 5 Nov 2022
    • 2 sessions

    ​​Masterclass: Sex as a Safe Adventure

    In Person at the Heights/I-10 Courtyard by Marriott

    Friday, Nov 4, 11-7 and Saturday, Nov 5, 9-15

    Many couples presenting for couples therapy may complain of sex issues: discrepancies in desire, lack of attraction or sexual compatibility, arousal or orgasm problems, or challenges in the bedroom after having children, going through infidelity or in the wake of trauma. From the perspective of Emotionally Focused Therapy, such complaints are most often part of an underlying lack of security and bond in the relationship caused by the negative cycle between partners. At times, as the partners de-escalate and become more secure, sexual issues remain unresolved. Yet, many EFT therapists lack knowledge and skills in the area of sex assessment and intervention. In this workshop, introduction to up to date research on sexuality relevant to EFT work with couples will be presented. You will learn how to do a thorough assessment of the negative relational and sexual cycle so you can skillfully use EFT interventions to help couple move toward de-escalation. This workshop will also address how to integrate psycho-education and simple behavioral sex therapy interventions as couple begins to move into Stage 2, while at the same time to continue building secure bond through increased vulnerability. This workshop will include lectures, video examples, and experiential exercises. Zoya and Mike have presented this workshop in the US and abroad previously. 

    This online workshop will include updated materials and new videos demonstrating the concepts and provide opportunities for breakout room exercises and small group discussions.  



    is a licensed psychologist and certified EFT therapist, supervisor and trainer. She has a full-time practice in Chelsea, NY with adults and couples, specializing in cross-cultural and bilingual population. Zoya is one of the founding members and Executive Director for NYCEFT. In addition to her psychotherapy practice, Zoya has many years of experience providing crisis intervention in a psychiatric emergency service. She continues to teach as a voluntary faculty at NYU School of Medicine, CUNY and Rutgers University. Zoya presents and teaches nationally and internationally on EFT and now is bringing EFT training to therapists in Russia and Ukraine. She loves helping therapists master the EFT model and get through their learning blocks.  She has particular interest in the intersection of EFT and sexuality.


    is a psychotherapist, Certified EFT Couples Therapist and Supervisor, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator based in New York, NY where he specializes at the intersection of relational and sexual challenges.  He is the Founder and Director of The Center for Relational Fulfillment and is on the Board of Directors at NYCEFT (New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy).  In addition to his practice, Mike presents internationally training therapists to effectively address sexual issues in EFT couples therapy and has taught graduate courses in Marriage & Family Therapy and LGBTQ Practice in Contemporary Society at Rutgers University.  Mike views erotic energy as chi (life-force, creative vitality) and loves helping couples in longterm committed relationships remove the barriers to creating authentic, passionate connection, both emotionally and sexually.  His website is www.fulfilledcouples.com. 


    This workshop is designed to help you:

    1. Name different models of sexual response.

    2. Apply techniques of sexual assessment in EFT treatment

    3. Identify each partner’s model of sexuality based on their background

    4. Identify negative cycle around sexual issues in Stage 1 of EFT

    5. Discuss how to reframe sexual concerns from attachment perspective

    6. Utilize Stage 2 EFT interventions effectively around sexual issues to create more secure bond in couples that leads to greater sexual fulfillment.

    7. Integrate strategies of integrating sex therapy into EFT for couples

    8. Identify sexual concerns that require a referral to a specialist