Upcoming events

    • 25 Feb 2023
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Online on Zoom

    Foundations of EFT Couples Therapy

    An Introduction or Review

    Get an overview of EFT or refresh yourself on the foundations of this effective couples therapy model! This training serves as a prerequisite in EFT  for registrants of the Sex as a Safe Adventure training and is included in the registration fee for that training.  All interested participants are invited to attend! 

    How does the EFT model and attachment theory understand relationship distress? What are the change events that move couples toward more secure connection? What are the interventions and strategies of an EFT therapists use to create these change events? 

    Using a combination of didactic and experiential material, we will introduce participants to the EFT attachment theory framework.  Attachment theory suggests that negative interactions between couples arise when the security of the couples’ emotional bond is threatened. In distressed relationships, the key issue is a lack of accessibility and responsiveness to emotional cues leading to disconnection. The workshop will provide a therapeutic roadmap for EFT with couples, focusing on the central role of emotion as the primary mechanism of change in EFT.  We will demonstrate how the therapist helps couples understand and deepen their emotional experience to create corrective experiences that allow for new responses. 

    Presenters: Michelle Puster, MEd, LPC, ICEEFT Certified Therapist and Supervisor, and Laura Spiller, PhD, Psychologist, ICEEFT Certified Therapist and Supervisor Candidate.